Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Got a big package in the mail today. It stated our home study was going to expire soon and told us to fill out all of the paperwork.

Our home study expires in October.

We didn't get notified of being approved until December.

Why do they crunch time together like this. It's only been 6 months mentally.

This isn't the best week.


Kelly said...

Ugh. I wouldn't be happy about that, either.

DrSpouse said...

Good grief.

beagle said...

I remember this exact frustration! It is such a pain! My advice . . . ignore their timing and look at the dates unemotionally. Do it as late as you can safely to stay current. If you do it too early then you'll be in the same annoying situation come finalization. (though it will feel somewhat less annoying while you read the mail holding your baby!)

Or better yet, fill out the forms but do the dated stuff like your physical and police checks close to the actual renewal date.

I secretly think they do this to squeeze more money out of us.

Natalie said...

WTF? That sucks. Mental mind-%@^$ right there.