Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Wish I had something to say

Both T and I are feeling down, still. I have PMS which makes things worse. We're both sick of everything and aren't really sure how to get out of our funk.

We're both glad baseball has started back up, and we enjoy watching Idol on the TV, though neither of us vote.

T's been buying some toys lately, which I have mixed feelings about. We bought me a W.ii F.it in order to try and exercise a bit more. I've done it for a few days, but gained a pound. I'm going to stop weighing myself daily. I think that's a bad habit.

We're looking into carpeting the stairs in our house. It's something that's overdue, but not cheap and not easy. We think we've made a decision about doing it, though.

I haven't done anything about looking into those other agencies, though I need to. I need to just pick one and fill out the paperwork. I wish I could figure out why I can't make myself do it. I mean, I know part of the reason is because I feel like we already did all of this -- which we did. But we'll end up waiting like 3 more years if we don't do something else and I'm not sure I'm prepared for that so we have to do it again.



niobe said...

I wish I had some useful ideas. I mean, obviously, there's nothing I can say or do about the larger issue of waiting and uncertainty. It's hard and there's not much that can make it easier.

On a really, really minor level, one thing that sometimes helps me is doing projects around the house -- little things like touching up the paint or rearranging the bookshelves or kitchen cabinets. The criteria are: (1) not too difficult and (2) something that will stay done for a while -- so not things like cleaning, which I'll just have to do all over again.

beagle said...

I'm sitting here trying to think of something inspiring to say and coming up empty.

One thing I used to do (and this may be pretty dysfunctional) . . . as a form of sefl torture I think, in retrospect, but it helped in a funny kind of way . . . I'd go see a sad movie and kind of force a "good cry" . . . I think I saw Juno and August Rush three times each for that very purpose.

Not really sure if that helps, but maybe knowing I'm a nut might cheer you up?

beagle said...

are you still blogging?