Thursday, January 08, 2009


My neck hurts.

I have a huge knot in my upper shoulder and my movements are restricted and I am in pain. I can't find the heating pad.

Tomorrow my department is having it's Xmas party. It's a casino night. I'm going without T.

T is going away on Sunday for work. He'll be gone until Wednesday. My friend S is going to stay with me. I'm hoping it's fun to have a few days with just girls, but I usually don't like it very much when T goes away. I like it when he's here.

I got an email from the facilitator. I totally haven't been thinking about any of it. I didn't feel like re-doing the booklet. That's what I told her. I also need to talk to people who've had a placement with her.


All this thinking is making my neck hurt more.
Just called a bunch of numbers on the reference page. Left one message. Talked to one person. They have 2 kids at this point, so we're going to have our real talk on Saturday.

That's something.


luna said...

good for you for making those calls.

hope your neck feels better! maybe a massage is in order to treat yourself while the hub is away?

Jessica at Bwlchyrhyd said...

I am not normally one for these sorts of solutions, but try some ibuprofen for the pain. Oddly enough, my neck has been playing up the last couple of days too...

Natalie said...

Oh ouch. :(

Good for making calls! I hate making calls, especially important ones.

Eileen said...

I think I missed the situation about the facilitator and I was trying to go back and read up on your situation...are you signed with the facilitator yet? We're signed with one in's been a year now. Sometimes, I second-guess it, but I probably would do the same thing if we were with an agency. Sorry about the neck need a massage!