Tuesday, June 10, 2008

pregnancy jokes

So at work there were some more jokes about me being pregnant. I spilled a cup of water all over the floor and was frustrated and said so, and my neighbor says, "Your water broke?" And then another (a woman with a 1-year-old) said, "Maybe Rachel *is* pregnant!" and I got really annoyed and said quite loudly, "That really isn't funny." I got a little upset and I let them know. The co-worker got a little pouty afterward and I said to him, "Sometimes there are upsetting things in this world and you just have to learn to deal with it."

So, I'm hoping that *this* time is really the end of it. I mean jeez. I'm not even giving subtle clues anymore. These are flat-out 'I don't want to talk about this please' comments. What more can I do? I'm just so annoyed.

As far as waiting goes, I'm waiting for AF. I'm not even going to pee on a stick, which as you know is something I pretty much do no matter what. Even I can't convince myself I might be pregnant. T and I will be on the road during the next ovulation time. Maybe driving across the country will give us some help. It's the whole, "Take a vacation and you'll get pregnant!" thing. I'm sure after two and a half years and four miscarriages that driving across country will do the trick!

T hasn't made much more progress on his bio yet, so I keep nudging. I have to finish the financial part of the application, too. Ugh.

It's hot. Really, really hot. The thermometer on my car read 126 degrees this evening. No, it's not really 126, but it is really hot. I'm going into the air conditioning now.


Natalie said...

OMG. That is just... SO wrong. I really really hope they get the "hint" or I'm going to have to drive out there and slap them all. >:(

Samantha said...

Your coworkers really need to learn some tact!

No pee sticks for me either.

noswimmers said...

That's really mean/rude...I would tell them where to go!

beagle said...

Sometimes I am glad that I have so few coworkers (even if it makes my job kind of lonley most days).

I had to threaten to leave my husband in order to scare him into finishing his bio.

I most sincerely hope it doesn't come to that for you . . . but call me if you need to vent.

B said...

hate nosy co-workers who say stupid know idea shit!


Enjoy your travels.

Almamay said...

What a jerk. Yeah, there are unpleasant things in the world but making fun of someone is a completely separate issue.