Friday, June 04, 2010

I wish

I wish that I could simply be happy when I hear that a baby has been born. I am very happy for proud and delighted new parents. I truly am. But every time someone births a baby and parents that baby, a little bit of sad comes to the surface.

I know this is normal for someone like me. It is legitimate for me to feel this way. I, of course, do not share this sadness with the happy new parents. All of this is appropriate.

Still, I just truly wish that I could simply feel happy and nothing else, but I honestly don't think I ever will.


ultimatejourney said...

I have the same wish. For me, the origins of the sadness are more slanted toward knowing the couple got to make a baby together, often easily. But the sadness doesn't seem like it's going to disappear.

I find that some IF wounds don't heal completely, even after you become a parent.

Robin said...

I know the feeling. I can't help but feel bitter.

By the way, we are moving forward with adopting a greyhound! We have done the application and went to a track tonight to meet the dog they matched us with. We might have him as soon as next weekend!!!

Karen said...

I cannot even imagine the ache your heart still holds.....I am praying for you and am soooooooo thankful you have been blessed with charming Mr. Henry!