Monday, June 07, 2010


So, this has been a busy week. We've been prepping, prepping, prepping and we're very close to having a house ready for the market. We'll have to be MUCH neater than we usually are which will be a challenge, but hopefully we can do it.

Henry has changed so much this past week. In a week he has:
  • Learned to sit up by himself from lying down
  • Become much more mobile
  • Stand up by himself while holding on to furniture
  • Done the army crawl
  • Started to really, actually crawl
  • Had his 7th tooth break through
Seriously! It's been a crazy week.

Now I'm just hoping, hoping, hoping we will get enough money for our house to cover the mortgage, the realtor and then have maybe $5-$10K left over. I'm really nervous about this and I honestly don't think it will happen. I think we'll cover the mortgage and some of the realtor's fees, but I don't think we'll have anything left over. I'm very skeptical of how this is going to go.

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Sue said...

I'm hoping things go better than you expect. Good luck!