Saturday, February 06, 2010

Play Group

We're off to our adoptive families play group. We meet once a month in some donated space by a local maternity/baby store. I'm trying to be the 'organizer.' We're bringing Henry's book along with us. We finally ordered his Adoption Story book from online so that we can send it to his birth parents for his 6 month birthday, which is Valentine's Day. I want to show it to everybody there.

I'm really glad we have this group. It's so nice to know that Henry will know other adopted kids as he's growing up, and it's especially nice that a couple of them are so close to him in age so that they could be play mates. I like that. I think a lot of adoption processing can be done through play, so it's nice to have people who can play along that theme.

Someone on the evil FB is posting about her home birth plan and talked about the 'birthing tub' and I have to say, these plans are currently not making me jealous. Baby steps.


Robin said...

Jeez... I wonder why these people think that everyone on FB needs to know this sort of stuff? Seriously?

The play group sounds great! I hope Henry makes some good friends!

meg said...

I am glad you joined a playgroup.
My Sil is pregnant again and it's killing me so I am proud of you.

FB is evil someways some of my high school friends found me and asked me where I have been. I let them know sometimes it's so hard to see children etc etc so now one is being over cautious as his wife is pregnant too. I can't win!

Sue said...

Sounds like progress - good for you!

E said...

I'm hoping to someday organize an adoptive families playgroup. Good for you! I'll have to get some tips on how you organized, advertised, etc. Or is it a group formed through people you met through your agency? Anyhow, it sounds great. I think it's so important to keep adoption connections since we don't have anyone in our families or friends who have gone through it.

I abandoned FB. It was starting to feel like high school. Even 20 years later, the same people annoy me lol. And also the pregnancy announcements can take its toll too.