Monday, February 22, 2010

Girl Cat

Our girl cat has cancer that has spread throughout her gut. She is not eating nor grooming herself. She just lies down and looks pained. I think we are going to have to put her down tomorrow. We are just so, so sad.

I'm worried that it's too soon as she'll still drink water and she'll still come find us to sit on us.

She doesn't purr anymore, though.

She looks so sad all the time. T wishes he didn't think it was time, but he does.

I feel so awful. Our poor, sweet girlie girl. We love her so.

The girl, before she got sick.


Layla- Miss CanAm said...

Oh I am so sorry. This is the hardest part of being a pet parent- making that awful awful decision. But I think you are right, especially if she is not grooming herself- something that cats think is very important- her quality of life is probably pretty poor. You are doing the right thing by not prolonging her suffering- but isn't it just the worst feeling in the world? I hope tomorrow in the midst of your sadness you find peace knowing you did what was best for her.

ultimatejourney said...

I'm so sorry for all of you. It's a tough decision for sure, but if she's in too much pain to do anything but drink water then it's probably time. I'm sure she finds you because she loves you and you still bring her comfort. But from what you've said I think it's time to let her go.

I know how much cats can be a part of a family, and I'll be thinking about you guys.

Anonymous said...

Oh Rachel, I am so sorry. This is such a tough decision to make. I will be thinking of you guys.

Almamay said...

Poor puddy. Kisses to her and your family. She'll meet you at Rainbow Bridge.

DrSpouse said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear this. She is so beautiful.

Lane said...

I'm so sorry to hear this. We went through the same thing with our cat last month, and it was such a tough decision, but we didn't want to prolong her misery. My thoughts are with you.

Sue said...

I'm so sorry. I've been through this a few times myself and I have to say you NEVER know when is the right time. You always second guess yourself, but in the end you just have to make a decision and go with it. If you feel like her quality of life is poor and she has more bad days than good, then it's time.

It's so sad that our pets just don't live as long as we do, but I know you've given your girl a wonderful life. Wishing peace to all of you as she passes.

serenity said...

Oh, I am so sorry to hear this. Much love to you.