Friday, January 29, 2010


Poor little Henry is sick. We think it's RSV. Went to the pediatrician yesterday, but he's since developed a fever.

I'm a pretty laid back mom, but this is REALLY freaking me out. He's so lethargic and just sleeping all the time. Luckily the Ty1en0l is helping.

We went to the Chi1dren's Museum on Saturday and I think he picked it up there.

We're going back to the doctor later this morning.

My poor little boy. I feel like crying seeing him suffer like this. I wish I could make him better.


serenity said...

The sick is really hard; it's sort of a low grade worry all the time until they're back to their happy selves.

Here's hoping he gets well soon.


Sue said...

Sorry - I have a sick baby too right now and I am also miserable watching him suffer. I hope Henry gets better soon!

Delenn said...

Home with sick kid today myself. Willow has been a pretty illness free kid--but it always sucks seeing them not themselves! It doesn't get any easier in that respect--I still feel awful when my son get sick!

Hope he gets better soon!!

Almamay said...

Poor baby. Boo Ba has had the sniffles twice (no fever). The best advice that I had was to put him in his pram to sleep so he didn't get all bunged up. It really helped.

Hope Henry gets better fast x

Robin said...

Sickness is awful.. I hope he feels better soon! Hang in there Mommy..