Saturday, December 30, 2006

False alarm

I'm not pregnant. My bbt dropped so I took another test and it came up a bfn. I probably had a chemical. The line was really light, anyway.

I feel so insane!

Is it wrong if I just forget this ever happened? I'm going to start the pill as soon as a bleed. The biggest problem is I called the OB for my blood test already. I told T I wanted to wait until Tuesday! This is exactly why. Argh! It's amazing how much processing my brain can do in just 24 hours.

I guess I can just tell the OB that I was overzealous. It's really not that far off.

I hope all of this doesn't affect the IVF. I don't think it should.


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Hoping said...

ugh so sorry. they are your thoughtst and you can do whatever you feel is best. I hope this doesn't interfere with your IVF cycle.....maybe keep your OB appt in case you don't bleed? just to make sure things are ok?

rest easy girl.