Friday, October 20, 2006

Very Busy

I feel busy. There's so much stuff going on. I almost feel like I can't breathe. I took today off to make up for some of the extra time I spent on my horrible trip last weekend. It was nice to not go to work today. Tomorrow we're going to a friend's wedding. Sunday is my nephew's 10th birthday party.

I have two interviews next week. One is an informational interview at one of the universities around here. The other is an actual job interview at one of the huge hospitals in the area. I'm very excited at the prospect of getting away from my job. It is definitely a huge source of stress for me. We were assured by the insurance coordinator at the IVF place that if we switched to T being the 'owner' of our insurance, we would not lose out approval since T's company uses the same insurance company. In fact, as I type this I am recalling that I was going to call up the insurance company to make sure this is accurate. I guess I forgot. Too late now. I don't really have enough privacy at work to make those sorts of phone calls. But anyway, I'm excited that I have the ball rolling for a new job.

Next, I'm going to have all four of my wisdom teeth out on November 3rd. Oy. But I need to get this done. I still have jaw pain, and I need to finish this before I start the IVF process. This is good timing as I'm certain I'm not pregnant due to being on the pill. I'm a little nervous about it, but relieved that I will be under general anesthesia.

Lastly, we have an injection lesson scheduled for November 10th. This is when I learn how to stick myself with needles. Soon after this, the whole process will start. We had both of our bloods sent off so that the biotech people can create the probe. We have four huge consent forms to sign in order to get all of this done. I'm also inquiring about doing acupuncture along with the IVF. I need something to help reduce my stress.

So, there's lots of stuff going on. I think working full time is plenty enough. I really need to find a way to calm myself down. It's so cyclical. Thinking about the fact that I'm stressed stresses me out. I just need to breathe away my stress.


UtRus said...

well, just so you know, the injections really aren't so bad at all. personally, I didn't mind any of them one bit. They certainly don't hurt.

Stress is another issue - definitley do everything you can to reduce it: exercise regularly, eat healthy, take omega 3's and B12 supplements (check with your doc), acupuncture and massage are good. And since you, yourself suggested it ("breathing away stress") consider taking up meditation. It's changed my life, for sure. hugs.

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

This stuff is stressful. Try to hang in there. The injections aren't bad at all. The worst part is the waiting. Good luck with everything. Hugs.

Angie said...

WOW! You're moving right along! That's great! Good luck with the interviews, I'm sure you'll do great!