Sunday, October 15, 2006

Starting anew

I have started birth control pills. I know that's weird for someone who is trying to get pregnant, but as most of you know, that is the first step before starting an IVF cycle. We went to see our RE last week, and since I had af at the time of my visit, he suggested I start bcps in order to stop the creation of the FSH that he wants to control with injections in the near future. So, we're on our way to our first IVF cycle. We need to get all the financial stuff set with the PGD people, and we need to send our blood off to them so they can create the probe in order to test the biopsied cell from our future embryos. (Isn't making babies romantic?)

Anyway, the thing is, we're starting the process. So, no ttc this month for us. Since I'm supposed to have at least one of my wisdom teeth out soon, it's good that I won't be pregnant for it. So I have to make sure to get that done soon. Hurray.

Meanwhile, I had a fiasco of a business trip to Albuquerque, NM this weekend. It was kind of an 'anything that can go wrong, will go wrong' scenario. The most obvious of which was, when I got to my hotel, they didn't have a reservation for me until the next day. It was midnight local time (which was 2 am Boston time). I had to sleep on a cot in the room of a woman I had never met before. Yay. I could go on, but I'm not going to. Suffice it to say, it sucked. I have two comp days coming to me. I think I might take one on Friday, and the other when I get my teeth out.

I can't believe I'm taking birth control pills.


Mary Ellen and Steve said...

Good luck Rachel. I so hope that this cycle goes well and you have wonderful news for us at the end. Hugs to you.

Hoping said...

Good luck with the IVF cycle, hope it goes smoothly!

Hopeful Mother said...

The BCPs are one of the ironies of IVF.

I hope you get some rest today and that the BCPs are uneventful for you. What is your schedule for IVF?

Wishing you all the luck in the world, and that this is the only cycle you'll need!