Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Henry and school

Henry goes to two different schools. He goes to a private nursery (PN) in the morning, twice a week. Then he goes to a public Pre-K program in the afternoons, four times a week. I pick him up at PN and he eats lunch in the car and then I drop him off at Pre-K. It's pretty chaotic.

So, next month there is a week of vacation starting Feb 17. We will probably go to FL for the baby at the end of that week and stay for most of the following week.

He has been having lots of discipline and behavior problems at PN. He started out going four times a week, but he was too much for them to handle and we switched down to the two days where they have the smallest enrollment because he needs so much one on one attention.

So, with him missing half of February and me not know how I can deal with a newborn who will need to feed when I have to drop him off and pick him up and eat in the car, I am thinking about pulling him out of the morning school.

Henry tells me he doesn't really like PN. He seems to like it well enough to me, but when I ask him why he has so much trouble making good choices there, he says it's because he doesn't like it. He likes Pre-K.

When I mentioned to Henry what he thought about not going back to PK, he was all for it.

I told the director of PK that we were thinking of pulling him. She seemed pretty ambivalent about it. I feel pretty ambivalent about it too. I'm not sure if it's a bad idea or not. I do think it will make my life easier. The baby will be home in March. The weather will be getting better. We will be able to play outside in the mornings and we can even walk to Pre-K with the baby in the stroller.

Is it bad to pull Henry out of PK in the middle of the school year? I want somebody to tell me that it's ok to do.



Scrappy_Lady said...

It's totally okay to pull him out. Do what's really the right thing for all of you. So excited for you guys!

ultimatejourney said...

I would pull him out. He has another school to attend that he enjoys; maybe he just hasn't clicked with the teachers or the approach at PN for whatever reason. There's no need to make your life more difficult for something that isn't working all that well for him anyway.

DrSpouse said...

Our friends who are having their second child now (we're talking almost everyone I know with a 2 year old!) are mainly dropping sessions for their older child too. We'll do the same assuming everything goes OK with the new adoption.

The older child also needs to spend a bit more time with mum/dad/whoever's at home I think - and not spend as much at school/nursery - they need to see that you still have time for them.

If he's in the Pre-K in the afternoons, then the mornings will be good with you because the new baby will (presumably) nap in the mornings, even if it's in the stroller at the park. So you'll have time with Henry.

MtnGirl said...

Pull him out if that your Mama's gut is telling you to do. It is okay especially since he will be getting to go to the other school in the afternoons. Do what works best for your family - besides it doesn't sound like PN is really willing to work with him.....