Saturday, January 04, 2014


Our visit with expectant parents N & B was harrowing, but good. We had a difficult time connecting, more difficult than we had hoped, but when we did finally meet up it was great.

Well, it was really sad. B is having an especially difficult time with the placement. But he said meeting us and seeing us helped him a lot. He knows that they cannot parent this baby right now no matter how much he wishes he could.

We even met N's mom and stepdad and one of her daughters. They are all supportive of the adoption.

They asked us about names. We told them we'd like to meet the baby before deciding, but that we had a few in mind. We asked what they wanted to name the baby and we liked the name a lot. After we got home, we asked if we could use the name they like as a middle name so that the baby could have one name from us and one name from them. They loved that idea.

We cried and hugged. T and I are so glad we decided to go down there.

Seven more weeks.


astral said...

It sounds like an overall good visit. There are so many emotions for all of you. I will keep praying for you all!

ultimatejourney said...

I love the idea of the baby having one name from you and one from them. It sounds like they are making a difficult but wonderful decision for this baby, and I'm glad you were all able to meet and put one another's minds at ease a bit.