Tuesday, May 14, 2013

5 Weeks?

So, it's getting closer. I am starting to realize that this could happen anytime now, really. I just dug out the newborn and 0-3 month clothing from when Henry was a baby. It's so tiny. Was he ever so tiny? I'm going to have a tiny baby in my house?

I was up from 3am-4am worrying about logistics.

Still not sure what we're going to do if the baby has to be hospitalized for 4 or weeks. I guess I'm going to fly back and forth a lot or something. Maybe my mom can watch Henry. We'll just have to figure it out as it goes.

My family does NOT know of the hospitalization risk or of the M.eth.a.do.ne exposure. Trying to keep it that way. Not sure how to explain it if it happens, but I just don't want that information hanging over this child.

Freaking out a bit. We're going to get the room ready before he comes back this time. We've told WAY more people than last time. It's more difficult when you're already parenting to keep this a secret.

Henry is so excited to be a big brother. I hope he stays that way. I think he's already regressing a little bit. He's making me carry him all the time now.

We're going to buy an infant car seat this week.

Yikes. So excited and so scared.


Hilda van Zyl said...

My son was exposed to Heroin, we did not have a long match and I did tell our close family about the exposure. He was in the NICU for 7 days before he came home (I think 4 weeks is a worst case scenario) His withdrawal symptoms presented it self mostly as feeding problems (projectile vomiting) for the most part he was calm on the medication they gave him for the rest of the symptoms, like tremors ext.
It might be good to tell our mom at some stage but I do understand if you don't want to. My mom tried to talk me out of adoption a "drug" baby before he was born , but was very supportive after he was born.
You could just tell people he is in the NICU for feeding problems (my DS needed to be under the lights for a few days too)
Good luck, these last few days of waiting is the hardest.

Scrappy_Lady said...

I'm so excited for you. Hoping for a very smooth birth with no lingering health issues for baby.

ultimatejourney said...

Yes, the new baby clothes are adorably tiny. One thing I've really enjoyed about having two kids of the same gender is reusing my favorite items.

BTW, we have an infant seat if you want a free one. It is otherwise soon to head to a landfill, because you can't donate carseats.

Fingers crossed for you.

Almamay said...

What an exciting and nerve wracking time all at once. I hope it goes really well. Sending good thoughts xx