Friday, September 07, 2012

So now

So, now that we decided to say no to this special situation, it put a fire under my butt to complete the profile for our adoption attorney in Florida. I'm 95% finished with it and that will get us really, truly waiting for a placement.

The expectant mom that we are not showing our profile to is due in January. January would have been a perfect time to welcome a new baby into our lives. I can't say that I'm not still sad about it, but I know it was what was right for us.

I know someday there will be a sibling for our H and that I will be a mom again. It might not be as soon as I would have liked, but that's just our lot in life.

Meanwhile, 3 is really, really tough but still really good.

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ultimatejourney said...

You're wise to follow your gut on this one. The right fit is more important than the perfect timing. (Really, whatever the timing ends up being, it will feel just right.) Still, I'm sure it was hard to turn this situation down.