Friday, September 14, 2012

Family Tree already?

So, it's H's third full day of preschool and I'm handed a paper by the teacher that says "H's family tree." Oy. The teacher says to "put pictures of your family on it. It's like an 'all about you' activity." So I'm going to ignore this and just put pics of me, H, T, Bdog and R cat on there.

That's ok, right? H is totally not able to talk about adoption on his own right now and I think it's pretty safe to do just our family at home because, really, that's what this thing is for. It's about who you live with. Right?

I didn't expect to have to deal with this already!

They should just label the paper "H's Family" and I'd feel a lot better about it.



ultimatejourney said...

I think it's fine to just put your household members on there. As you say, H is too young to discuss his full family history at this point. But another option could be to change or append the label (just on H's paper) in such a way that you feel like you're not leaving any important players out.

Just Believing said...

I think that even later in life his family is YOU! One day he may decide on such a project to include biological family member but you are his mother and your husband is his father ... I love the way you respect his other family and who they are on his family tree but you are his family first raising him and you are his tree :)

Mary Ellen said...

Ugh! I am already dreading assignments like these. They just feels so insensitive to families like ours... Or maybe I am just overly sensitive...