Thursday, October 06, 2011


When I die, am I going to be labeled H's adoptive mother and CC his mother? I don't begrudge her that title. She is truly his mother and gave him life. I would never recognize her as anything else.

But I'm his mother too.

(It was this article that made me write this.)


Foxxy One said...

It's nice to see that Jobs objected to using titles in that way. Another reason I admire him.

Hilda said...

I had exactly the same thoughts Yesterday.
I read another article, where it said that he was survived by his bio mom, bio sister, wife and kids. His Adopted parents was not mentioned or the fact that they might have died already ?
( the last few lines of the article )

Almamay said...

Interesting. Before I read the article I thought, "Who does the child call mom?" I like that he disagreed with the term, "His adoptive father." I would say this is the same universal reaction my friends and family who have similar beginnings. The only person's opinion who really matters is H.

diana said...

It hit a nerve with me, too, and I'm in no way in the adoption world. I think of his parents, those who gave him his name and who raised him to be so at ease in his skin. I don't know if they are surviving him or not, but it's them who shaped him in the very beginning. The words don't help me, what I mean is he was THEIR son, the biological parents conceived him, but in no way were they there for him. So selfish of the bio father to say that he didn't contact to avoid suspicions. The Jobs gave him his identity, the others were just some anecdotical facts about him. I hope you find the strength to pass the desert of paperwork (can you say my kids are so into Narnia right now?)

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Anonymous said...

This is one of my biggest pet peeves. My mom is 62, and her mom died when she was 57. The rabbi was going to mention that my grandparents adopted 3 kids, but my mom said, "Why? WOuld you mention (in another funeral) that the deceased had 3 kids naturally? NO. My mom was my mom, however that came to be". And I believe that!