Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Most days

Most days I love being a stay at home mom. Most days I feel remiss for not having completed the paperwork for another adoption. Most days I feel tired, but know what I don't do today will not hurt anyone and can be done tomorrow. Most days I can find a little patience. Most days I feel okay.

Today is not one of those days.

I must be nuts to think I can take care of another baby too. I feel like I'm going to explode.

Also, I want to kill my cat. Seriously. I think I'm capable of breaking his neck. He howls like a banshee CONSTANTLY. I cannot get a moment of quiet. Henry has a cold and has already woken up from his nap once. I got him to go back to sleep, but the f*c&ing cat keeps howling and won't shut up. I need to do some cleaning but all I can do is try to get the animals to leave me alone. They both whine and make noise and follow me around. I want them to LEAVE ME ALONE. Let me do something while Henry is asleep.

Also, I cannot believe that 3 might be more of a challenge than 2. I am losing patience.

This has not been a good week. I hope next week is better.


E said...

Well something in common. I would like to kill my fu**ing cat today too.

Delenn said...

Oh, so can relate to this, hon! Some days the frustrations are just so high that when I have a break to run an errand in the car--I want to keep on driving!! :-)

Its okay to be frustrated and tired. I hope you get a break tho soon....maybe an afternoon off (a friend/neighbor/spouse watch him)?

Actually, if you are interested...give me a shout out--we could do something together to get out! (revenent at hot mail dot com)

I am sure my little one could use a playmate for an afternoon...

(Oh, and yes...three seems to be more frustrating!!)

Natalie said...

Yes yes yes. Kate is getting molars, so she's not sleeping at night, she's refusing naps, and the *#@%ing animals bark and chase things around the entire time. I want to just throw them all out. Grrrr.

I hate days like that.

ultimatejourney said...

Ugh, Monday was like that for us, even though A and I spent half the day apart (her at school and me at work.) Hate those days.

niobe said...

Also, I cannot believe that 3 might be more of a challenge than 2

Scary thought, huh? Hope to see you guys soon.