Friday, September 16, 2011

Not much to say

Still haven't done the paperwork and I'm feeling guilty about it every day. We really, really need to do it. I feel I am doing a disservice to myself by not completing it. I need to light a fire under my a$$ really, really quickly. Sigh.

On the evil FB, I'm part of an Adoptive Families (a great magazine) group, and the people on that group talk about God so very much.

I just want to announce that personally, I feel that God had absolutely nothing to do with my son's adoption. When you talk about adoption and God together, I no longer want to talk with you about adoption.

You may have whatever your beliefs happen to be, but leave me and my family out of it.



Serenity said...

Someone said to me that God would grant us a sibling for O if it was part of his plan.

I abruptly ended the conversation. So yeah, I feel you.

For the procrastinating stuff? The thing that works for me is to break it up into baby steps. Get something quick accomplished and then you might feel less guilty and more like doing it.


Foxxy One said...

I agree with you! Have you ever called them out on it?

Natalie said...

It really bothers me when people bring God into the conversation about my children... whether it's about the loss of Devin or getting Kate. I've found there's really nothing I can do or say either, just kind of close the conversation and move on.