Monday, November 22, 2010

But I still have limits

I really meant it when I said I don't get upset seeing pregnant people around and I'm feeling like I've closed the chapter of thinking about having a biological child.

That being said, today I overheard too many conversations about fertile people's fertility. And it bugged me.

Really, I don't need to hear how you didn't know it was more difficult to get pregnant while breastfeeding because you got pregnant very easily the first month after you got your period for the first time while still breastfeeding.

I also don't need to hear the pregnant woman talk about her second thoughts on having a second child.

I'm doing better, but I still have limits, thankyouverymuch.


Robin said...

Those limits will always be there because your perspective has changed. And maybe those limits will become less painful and more just exasperated as the years go on. Those fertile folks will never "get it". They don't know how easy they had it, but that doesn't mean that they have it any better, you know?

ultimatejourney said...

I could not agree more. I think this gets back to what we discussed about how fertile people Just.Don't.Get.It.

To throw in my personal example -- if you know I went to the doctor to get pregnant, don't whine to me about how getting pregnant requires you to have s.ex with your husband just b/c the ovulation test says to.

I have my limits too.

Hekateris said...

I'm right there with you. Today I got sent a pic of Brand New Baby and even as I sent my congrats I was feeling bitter and stupidly, betrayed. Go figure.

Birch and Maple

Deborah said...

Well, some of that is just obnoxious. I heard a woman say **in front of her children** that the way she knew she was done having kids was that when she got pregnant with her third, she thought "omg, what did I do? I don't want 3!" Ugh.

Natalie said...

Ugh, I hear those all the time too. What gets me is that it's often in response to me mentioning something about needing IVF. Errr. Yeah, not the response I was looking for, thanks.