Tuesday, July 13, 2010


We just got our first offer on the house. It's pretty low, but we probably could get to a place where we could agree.

However, we looked at the names on the offer and it turns out that this couple knows one of T's closest friends. And they're expecting a baby.

I don't want to sell our house to someone who isn't a stranger. They know nothing of our awful neighbors. I feel like I should not let them buy the house as they will regret it soon.

Then again, maybe they have a higher tolerance for such things?

Plus, we haven't had any other offers and not selling this house will ruin us financially.

What would you do?


Anonymous said...

I would counter and see what they come back with. Their reasons for wanting your house may make the reasons you want to leave a moot point.

I think it would be a difficult decision to make if you kind of knew the person, but if you didn't know the people who put in the offer, your only concern would be that it was too low, right?

Robin said...

I assume your neighbor situation isn't bad enough to put on a seller's disclosure? heh

I understand your dilemma. That's a tough one.

P.S. I got my greyhound. I don't know I had told you or not. He's awesome. :)

ultimatejourney said...

I understand your hesitation. It would be better if these people were strangers. But they have chosen to make an offer on YOUR house based on their criteria, constraints, etc. There are always uncertainties when buying a house. That comes with the territory. It is not your obligation to UN-sell them on things that aren't perfect about the place.

And like you say, this is huge for you financially. If you can come to an agreement on price, I say do it. Good luck!

Yo-yo Mama said...

So they're really just friend of friends, not necessarily YOUR close friends...hmmmm.

If you're close enough friends, then you would feel comfortable enough to tell them about the neighbors, wouldn't you?

If they were close friends, why would they lowball your listed price?

I would say that they aren't THAT good of friends and that if you can get the house sold at a reasonable offer, that should be your priority.