Friday, October 30, 2009

At Grammie's

We went over to Grammie and Grampie's house yesterday. My mom fed him twice and changed a poopy diaper, which thrills her. She just loves babies.

Staring at Grammie

Today there is a costume party at T's office, so I'll get Henry all dolled up and bring him there.

T and I had a discussion/argument about finding our "new" roles now that I've quit my job. I put it in quotes because the roles aren't particularly different, but I have to reframe things a little bit now that I'm not working out of the house. We've always had some differences in perception on how things were divided inside the house, and now that I'm always home it seems like it needs some more shifting. It's a pretty complicated thing for us, especially since domestic chores and such has always been the biggest source of contention in our relationship in general.

I'm finding it interesting that Henry won't really nap very well in his crib, but if we go out and he falls asleep, he'll sleep for hours in his car seat. He naps well in his bouncy seat, too. But it would help me do more things around the house if he'd sleep in his room as I wouldn't worry about leaving him and the animals alone for more than just a moment or two. I don't like to leave them all together alone for 10 or 15 minute stretches.

Henry's stirring. Time to eat again!

In a sweater I made for baby S a few years ago.


Sue said...

He looks so cute and toasty in that sweater!

Can't you put his car seat or bouncy seat in his room for him to nap there? I don't know about your pets, but mine always follow me around the house -they have no desire to hang out with the baby!

Robin said...

I agree with Sue, could you move him around in his car seat or bouncy seat?

I'm sure your mom is just LOVING having him around ;)

hope548 said...

He is such a doll!

Deborah said...

I was just going to say the same thing - put tehe bouncy seat or carseat in his room.

Anonymous said...

It took some adjusting for us when I became a SAHM because I hate household chores and my salary paid for the cleaning person that is no longer coming since our income is significantly reduced. I just make myself do the household stuff and my husband still assists on the weekend with the irritating heavy stuff.

I have a swing or a playmat/toys etc. in every room for the baby and she just comes wih me as I more around the house.

AshPash said...

Oh my gosh, the sweater photo!! Made me smile!