Sunday, October 11, 2009

Date night

T and I went on our first date night last night. We left little Henry at my parents' house and went to a lovely steak dinner. It was super yummy and I had two (2) glasses of wine, so I was a bit in la-la land. It was definitely a place where we could not take Henry and having such super yummy food was quite a treat. I was a little nervous and thought about Henry almost the whole time, but I didn't call and was quite calm. I am so proud of how calm I am with him. I espouse a Free Range ideology, and I feel like I am living up to that with the way I am parenting Henry. There's not much free ranging for an infant, but I feel I am doing what I can do with this in teaching him how to be independent from the very beginning. Free Range doesn't mean less love, it just means less worry and hovering.

We also went to an adoption group yesterday. I am trying to arrange one close to home, but there were 4 other families there with kids ranging from 8 months to 2 1/2 years. It was really great and I hope we can keep it up and get the closer one rolling. One cool thing is that one of the parents at the adoption group was someone that T and I had met in a 'Waiting Families' support group. It was so cool to get together with our children after fretting together about whether we'd actually ever get to be parents!

We're enjoying a chill long weekend, which is nice. Next weekend is a bar mitzvah weekend and will be full of family and being places, so I'm glad we can relax for now.


Kelly said...

I'm so glad you and T got a chance to have some special time together. We have several sets of friends with toddlers who still haven't ventured out on a date night - and I think that's terrible. We've got to keep our marriages healthy, and by golly, sometimes that means some adult time! Glad you enjoyed.

Blessed said...

aren't datenights so great? I think because they quickly become so rare :)

awesome of you to start an adoption group! I totally need to cuz there isn't one close at all!

Robin said...

Date nights rule. Free range sounds very interesting.. I might have to check that out.

Glad you had fun!

romancing_the_stone said...

Beautiful posting. Glad I found you! Enjoy many more dates.