Sunday, November 05, 2006

A Few Words

I don't feel much like talking. Life is keeping me busy right now. I've had a few job interviews last week, and I'm having a bunch more coming up. I'm really hoping to find a better place than the one where I'm working now. I blogged about whether or not to take this new job. In some ways I'm glad I took it -- I haven't been bored. But in others, I wish I hadn't. The culture at my new office is just not a good fit. For example, I was talking to the Executive Director on Thursday about getting my wisdom teeth out. He said to me (not knowing about T and my reproductive situation), "It could be worse. You could be having a baby. Hahaha." I just looked at him and said, "Having a baby isn't bad." His response? "Well, in terms of pain it is." I just didn't say anything else. Of course, the day before was the due date of our second pregnancy. So, I just need to get the hell out of that place. I need to be somewhere where people have an iota of sensitivity and common sense. I hate where I work.

I had my wisdom teeth out on Friday. I'm doing pretty well, but I'm not my regular self quite yet. I'm starting to eat more solid food now, which is good. We have an injection lesson on Friday when I guess I will learn my protocol. I don't know when the probe will be ready for the PGD, so we won't start injecting until then. I assume I'll learn about how to go about getting the medications and whatnot on that day as well.

In one week from now we're having a large part of our upstairs stripped of wallpaper and repainted. Maybe we can be more organized after this. We will finally be able to put things away. My brother and sister-in-law gave us their old kitchen table, which is nice. It looks good in our kitchen. I'm pleased.

So I'm keeping very busy. I hope you all are doing okay as well.

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