Monday, November 27, 2006

Still just waiting

No word from the PGD lab. So, we're officially not starting until after the first of the year. This wait is killing me. I've been on bcps the whole time. I mean, we could have ttc'ed for 1 or 2 more months instead of me being on the pill the whole time. I'm pissed about it a little. And being on the pill continuously for 7 weeks now is messing with me. I'm more cranky than I usually am. And the spotting! I may not have had my period for almost 2 months now, but I'm spotting every day and it's making me nuts. I'm going to call my PGD coordinator today to see if I should just take a week off and bleed already. But I'm really pissed about this whole thing. I should have never gone on the pill yet. Maybe they didn't know that for sure, but I'm still annoyed. I'm sick of waiting to start this.

It was our anniversary this weekend. Poor T is sick as a dog and we didn't do anything to celebrate. We were going to go out to dinner, but he didn't feel well enough to go. So, we've been ttc for 11 months now and nothing. I'm really frustrated that I feel stuck right now. I need to be moving forward. I'm surrounded by babies and children, and it's starting to make me nuts. Alice Domar says that stress doesn't affect fertility, but depression does. I have sort of reduced my stress, but all of this waiting is increasing my depression. I don't want to get depressed, but I just see me getting sadder and sadder.

Well, I'm currently unemployed, so that might not help things. It's the best thing that I'm not at my old job, and I've had a job offer, so maybe I won't be unemployed much longer. We also bought an elliptical for our house as an early holiday present. We need to exercise. I'm hoping that doing exercise will help. And I'm trying to do focused breathing to reduce the stress.

I just feel so helpless and hopeless. I mean, I suppose I have a small amount of hope, but it doesn't feel like it's enough to sustain me until this process actually starts. For my own sanity, I need to be in the process of ttc right now. And I'm not. Not even close.


Mary Ellen and Steve said...

Happy anniversary! I am sorry that you guys have to wait so long. Once the probes are made, everything goes pretty quickly. Hang in there.

UtRus said...

i hear you. don't forget that the pill can also cause depression in some women, so go easy on yourself. as you say - the wait, being unemployed, all of that is ALREADY very challenging... this makes it even moreso. Part of your job right now is to take care of yourself. I SO understand where you are right now and have totally been there. things will get better. do your best to get distracted if you can.