Wednesday, March 05, 2014


We visited with CC, Henry's birth mom, today. It was a great day. H was hesitant at first but warmed up quickly. He gave her a flower and wanted to show her everything and play with her. He wouldn't give her a hug, but he was happy to see her. He knew she was special to him. 

When I showed him Violet's ultrasounds before she was born, he wanted to know if there were any if him. I never got any, but I told him he could ask CC when we saw her. Guess who remembered to ask today. Henry amazes me all the time. 

So glad we got this time together. 

Here are the kids again. Henry asked to hold Violet every morning so far. 


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DrSpouse said...

That's lovely news (you left in CC's name though).

Ann Smith said...

So happy for you and both of your beautiful children!