Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Showing our profile

We are having our profile shown to some expectant parents. It's a girl due at the end of February.

As with all these situations, there are some complexities to this situation, but we have decided we think the risks are worth it. If we are chosen, we can hopefully resolve a few of the question marks before the baby is born to ensure this is the right situation for us.

I am feeling anxious about it. I will not let myself be excited or hopeful.


As a side note, Henry's behavior has improved enough lately thanks to some therapies, glasses and some suggestions from friends around food, that I have found myself once again hoping a baby would enter into our lives before Henry grows too much older.

Here's to whatever.

Here's Henry on Halloween with his new glasses. In case you wondered, he was a "puzzle bug." (His invention.)

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