Thursday, November 14, 2013

Possibly matched

The expectant mom liked our profile. We spoke on the phone last night. We liked her. There is something about her that reminds us of CC. They are both very straight forward and don't hide anything. She invited me to the birth.


There are a few extra risks and chances with this match that we ordinarily might not want to take, but it's kind of feeling like this might be the right match for us.

We really feel we had the right match with Henry's birth parents. If we get that feeling now, we should listen.

I'm surprisingly calm about this right now. No paperwork has been signed yet, but this may in fact be a match.



Hopeful Mother said...

Ooh, exciting, though I can understand why you won't let yourself get your hopes up. But the fact that you feel "right" about it is a good start. Hoping and wishing for you!

ultimatejourney said...

Really glad to hear that things seem to be going in the right direction on multiple fronts for you!