Friday, October 04, 2013


Just got back from the opthomologist. H needs glasses. He has Amblyopia. He's essentially blind in his right eye. He needs glasses and partial patching. 

I am stunned. I had no idea. 


Hilda van Zyl said...

I have been reading your blog since Henry was born and I am amazed by how we sometimes experience the same things. DS (4 1/2) have a lot of issues SPD, with problems with balance, coordination, motorplanning, self regulation and self modulation ext.ext. It can be very challenging at times. He is extremely intelegent and a bright little boy as long as we keep things low key, as soon at there is too much going on the wheels comes off.
He is also farsighted! We picked it up early (I use to be in the Optic industry, so don't beat yourself up for not noticing sooner) and he has been wearing glasses since 17 months.
Two years ago we declined on a baby girl because of a long list of prenatal exposure (Meth, weed, Prescription drugs, Alcohol) I have been beating myself up ever since that day, feeling so guilty for saying no. Just this Tuesday for the first time I had that thought that may be it was for the best. My son was an easy baby and toddler, I never thought that we will have challenges in the 3s and 4s. What if I had a two year old with issues as well !
Because of his motor skills, I still dress him and put on his shoes! that does sometimes frustrate me but we get out of the house sooner :)
With the bath time issues, we try to make it a race to the bathroom, or I use those color bath tablets from crayola, when I tell him his bath is ready, I ask him to guess what color the water is today... sometimes I run out of ideas too.
I wish I could tell you that it's going to get better... my biggest struggle at this stage is that some of my family does not always understand his issues, and think that he is just a naughty child, that should be spanked! Even though they know about his exposure to Heroin and diagnosis with SPD. They make me feel like a bad parent that can not control her own child.

Anonymous said...

i have that.. in my left eye.. i had patching in kindergarten, didn't really help but that was a million years ago. it messes with depth perception, binoculars, 3D movies, microscopes.. but i can still see, with correction in my other eye. i wish you guys the best! i hope whatever they do for him helps!! the only reason my parents knew when i was little was because my father has it too.

DrSpouse said...

Poor boy!
I'm scared by this talk of an easy baby but a really difficult preschooler. We have an easy baby/toddler.