Tuesday, January 15, 2013


We got some more health information about K. She is currently 16w6d along, meaning her due date is at the end of June. (We had originally been told the end of May.) She made it to her most recent doctor's appointment, which is good, since she had previously missed a couple. She is going to a perinatalogist due to her meth@d0ne treatment.

Feeling a little better about the sex of the baby. We've been talking names already, which might be dangerous. But we think we have one.

Henry has been sick a bunch and all the time I keep thinking that I'm glad I don't have to deal with an infant while dealing with all of this stuff. But I do want another infant. Sometimes I get scared of how much work it will be, but I still know this is what I want. I hope I am able to be flexible so that H can get all the activity he needs while the baby can still nap. I usually pick H up from school at 2pm. Will I not be able to do that next year?

The end of June seems a long, long way away. H will be done with school (and hopefully in some sort of summer program). My parents will have gone to Florida for two months and come back. I will have hosted our family Passover seder at our house. I will have turned 41.

But it will come and whether or not we bring that baby home, our lives will be forever changed.


DrSpouse said...

Baby Spouse slept a lot, but I know other newborns sleep completely randomly (or not at all!) so I remember I didn't really bother letting him sleep/not go out when it was his naptime because it was so random. I think most 2nd time parents do the same - the new baby fits round the toddler!

Anonymous said...

How are things going? You've been quiet lately.

We have just started our journey for #2 as well, so I'll be making the blog rounds again.

(who still blog-cruises but is a slacker in the comment department lo this past year) ;)