Monday, March 08, 2010

Either, either; neither, neither.

I guess the thing is that I never have read nor do I ever read any parenting books, and when people put a label on parenting, it bugs me.

I just do what I think is right. I realize that most people just want to do what is right.

What bothers me is when people say that one method or strategy or plan is more 'natural' than another. I think that is what bothers me most.


Almamay said...

So true. Motherhood is hard enough without people turning it into a contest. You've got to wonder why people do turn it into a contest. What's missing in their lives?

Foxxy One said...

I think short of abusing your child,the vast majority of behaviors in parenting are pretty damn natural. Whatever you want to call it, AP, natural, etc. I also think that parents tend to gravitate towards things that make sense to them and what they feel would be best for your child.

I have a friend who's children thrive on schedules and are lost without it - from infancy. It works for her. My son needs structure but because he has sensory issues, requires a lot of the "AP" style parenting.

Almamay is right - why do mothers always have to turn things into a contest. AP vs. Non-AP, SAHM vs. WOHM, etc.

Deborah said...

I read an online review once of one of those baby sleep books where the reviewer said "I love attachment parenting. I hate attachment parents." I think that's kind of how I feel - most of the techniques really do make the most sense to me. But the "my parenting is better than yours" attitude can be frustrating. Foxxy is very right about different things working for different kids.

K77 said...

Perhaps it hinges on one's definition of "natural"? For my kids, I go with what feels right, and think along the lines of mammalian instincts, primitive tribal ways etc.