Tuesday, September 08, 2009


I'm very busy!

Today I went to a New Moms group in my city. It was small and a little shortened today, but I think I'm going to go next week. It was good to have a destination and to have one or two other people to talk to baby stuff about. I told of Henry's adoption from the get-go and the facilitator and the other mom there were very supportive. The other mom had a friend who went through infertility and adoption and has an 8 month old. She was very empathetic and nice.

We keep having visitors, including the delightful ultimatejourney and her darling A who is incredibly cute.

Henry is eating and sleeping on a reasonable schedule, but is generally up every 3 hours -- sometimes he'll go almost 4 at night. Nothing to complain about, but I do still feel a bit tired. No matter H's schedule, I walk B-dog between 6:30 and 7 am every day while T gets to stay in bed and feed Henry when he's ready. Then I walk B-dog with Henry in the sling in the afternoon. I've used the stroller, but I find that more difficult. T ordered me a longer leash to see if it makes the stroller easier.

We have another pediatrician appointment tomorrow morning, and then on Thursday we're going to Ike@ with E and toddler S to look for some furniture. I need a cheap platform bed to replace the guest bed that used to be in Henry's room. I also possibly need a rug for H's room.

I try to nap every day, but don't necessary get there. Henry is definitely awake much more often than he used to be.

His circumcision has healed (thank god) and he's scheduled for a hearing test the third week in September because he failed his newborn hearing test. I'm generally not concerned about this because a lot of babies fail their newborn hearing test, but I am a little concerned from time to time. I try to not think about it.

The annoying thing is this is a sleeping test and they want me to bring Henry to the office tired and hungry. It warns you to not let your baby sleep in the car on the way over to the test. Now how you get a tired and hungry baby to not sleep in the car on the way to an office? That's just stupid. Please.

I'm trying to find adoption groups in the area and it's not as easy as it seems like it should be. I know there are a LOT of adopted people in the metro-Boston area, but they don't seem to get together that much. I found one that meets once a month outside of the city. I'll go to that, but of course the hearing test is at the same time as their next meeting.

It looks like Henry may finally be settling down, so I think I need to, too. Maybe I can get a cat nap in!


Deborah said...

Don't let the baby sleep in the car? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard! You'd have to bring someone with you to sit in the back and keep waking him up. You'd think people became pediatricians because they *like* children, and then they dream up these things!

Robin said...

Our daughter has to have an EEG every year. That is also a sleeping test. They want us to put her to bed after midnight and get her up at 5 am. She can't have any food or fluids for ten hours before the procedure and its usually in the afternoon. Oh, and no napping. It's HELL. She's tired, thirsty, hungry, and can't sleep in the car. It's a total joke.

:) That being said.. Good luck! If we can make all that happen, you can do it too!

AshPash said...

Yeah, uhhh, good luck keeping him awake during a car ride! Good luck with the test. I am sure he will pass with flying colors!

Sue said...

We had to do the hearing test too, although no one gave me any stupid advice about not letting the baby sleep or eat. They did tell me while I was there that they allow a lot of time for each individual test because it can take a while to get your baby to sleep. The test itself only took a few minutes, but we were there for nearly an hour until I was able to get the baby to sleep so the test could be performed. Good luck!

leah said...

Our little guy failed the newborn hearing screen as well and those sedated ABR tests are such a pain! We were really lucky on the last one they did, because we got moved to Buffalo Hearing and Speech Center, which has new technology that doesn't require the baby to be asleep. It made it SO much easier! Our little guy did end up having a moderate hearing loss, but is doing great (talking more than you would believe- six word sentences at 2 years of age). There are a lot of "false positives," but even if hearing loss is found, technology is so amazing that it doesn't phase most kids.

K @ ourboxofrain said...

I believe I went to the same new moms group before I went back to work (I'm pretty sure I live in the same city as you, though on the other side of town) -- was the new moms group at the high school? New facilitator and different moms, so your experience may be totally different, but I found it really helpful for the exact reasons you mention. Especially so as winter set in and it was harder to figure out what else to do. Another plus? They have a lot of toys there for various developmental stages, so you can see what your child likes before acquiring anything. I was/am also part of another more loosely structured moms group in the area -- I can send you the info if you're interested.

Walking with dog and stroller is tough. I found the sling/wrap/ergo easier. It's a little easier now that the dog is more used to the stroller, but it's still a bit hard.

Good luck with the hearing test. The logistics sound very challenging.

Anonymous said...

I tried to sign up for the Meet Up group for adoptive parents in the Philadelphia area and I didn't even get a response. I don't know. Like you, I know there are a lot of adoptive families in the area.