Thursday, February 12, 2009

more sick

T came home sick on Tuesday. We went to bed pretty early.

T woke me up at about 4:30. He had been up for 45 minutes and his chest HURT. It wouldn't go away. It seemed to be getting worse. It wasn't burning or radiating, but it was BAD. We had to go to the ER.

Drove him there. It took forever. When we got to the desk, he couldn't even stand up.

He went in for tests. I really didn't think it was his heart because he had had 2 different stress tests not too long ago and some EKGs and they were all normal, but they had to test it. They gave him aspirin and nitroglycerine and then some morphine. The morphine didn't help. They gave him an x-ray and a CT scan. All negative.

They gave him some even stronger drugs and finally, finally he could actually sit still without writhing in pain. It was about 7am at this point.

They released him because they had no idea what was causing it. He has to follow up with is primary care doctor. He got some meds.

Now it's close to 8. I had been home for the past two days, so I had to go to work. I wanted to stay home with him, but I couldn't. So he went back to bed and I showered and went to work.

The meds seemed to help and went down to just ibuprophen by evening. He was even better this morning. But I'm still super worried about him. Then he had a work disaster today and didn't even leave the office until almost 7pm. (It's ten til right now and he may have just left just now.)

He works too hard. I think it was caused by stress. He won't work less hard and I'm worried this will happen again. I need him to exercise and he doesn't.

But he is a bit better. But I remain very worried.

Tomorrow is Friday. No work on Monday. We leave for FL one week from Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Hope he's ok.

Almamay said...

I was so upset reading your post. I'm so sorry you both are not well. I've had pretty bad anxiety attacks in the past and your DH's symptoms sound like one. Feeling ill can make anxiety worse. I hope you are both feeling better and can enjoy the weekend. You both are in my thoughts x x

Sue said...

Hope T is better soon, and that you both have a wonderful vacation.

Eileen said...

How scary! I hope he's doing sounds like you two need a relaxing vacation. I hope the time flies by until you leave!

Nancy said...

I hope everything is OK. I can't imagine what that could be.

Barreness said...

oesophageal spasm? they can be excruciating.