Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Longer than I thought

I spoke with the PGD embryologist today. In order for the big biotech to be able to do the PGD, we have to fill out the financial packet and send in payment. Then we can have our blood drawn so they can make the 'pattern' in order to perform the PGD. It takes 6-12 weeks from the time they recieve the blood to be ready to perform our specific PGD, so I definitely won't be starting fertility meds soon. It's going to be at least two months.

So, this isn't my last 2ww. If we're not pregnant, we'll have next month to try again.

It's so weird. The NP told me I should be able to start right away, and knew we had to do PGD. I was feeling time pressure because I didn't want to put it off if I didn't have to. I have all these appointments bunched up so I could fit them in before af was due. The NP even told me the people I needed to call. It came as such a shock that it would be so long. If they had just said it can take 2 -3 months until we would be ready for the PGD then I wouldn't feel disappointed, but now I sort of do. It's only a slight sense of disappointment, though, because I felt like things were happening so quickly and I didn't understand anything that was going on. Now I feel like I understand what is going on better. But, I'm still a little disappointed that I was lead to believe this was going to start happening right away.

Still, all and all things are going as well as they can in the trying to make a baby department.

My friend E is returning to work already. Baby S is going to be 3 months. Time goes by so quickly.


Hoping said...

so sorry it is going to take longer but great that you now understand everything a little more, I am sure it is all very intimidating and confusing. Stay well.

Hopeful Mother said...

Yeah, there is entirely too much waiting in this IF business.

That is interesting with the PGD - I did not know that.

I hope time continues to go by quickly enough to move you forward but that you feel comfortable enough with everything that's happening.

Wishing you all the best!

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

Yeah, those probes can take a while. I think that Steve's took 4 weeks exactly. I hope that they finish them before too long. Hugs.

Angie said...

Wait, wait, and wait some more. That's all we do in this IF game.