Sunday, September 24, 2006

The beginning of the beginning

We had an RE appointment in the middle of the day Friday. T had to leave work and drive there, but it's close enough to my work that I can walk. I was planning to be gone about an hour. We hoped the dear doctor wasn't running too far behind. There was one other couple in the waiting room when we got there. It was five minutes before our appointment time when we arrived. Reasonably quickly the other couple was called in, and we were left to ourselves in the waiting room. People started coming in and leaving as we were waiting. About a half an hour after our appointment was supposed to occur, someone comes in to tell us our RE had to be called into the ER and perform emergency surgery, and that we wouldn't be able to see him. After silently wondering what type of surgeries REs perform, we were informed we would be able to see the NP so that our time wouldn't be wasted. We waited about 20 more minutes before we were able to see her.

The NP seemed nice and very capable. She, of course, knew nothing of us personally, but she took some notes to give to the doctor so he can create a protocol for us, and told us who to call and which appointments to make so that we could get all set up and not waste time. I was on day 12, and she didn't see why, if everything went smoothly, I wouldn't be able to start my BCPs on day 1 of my next cycle.

Since I was on cd 12, we asked if we should try this one last time before starting IVF. I was thinking in my head that we should. T agreed with me on that one. Even if we end up miscarrying, I want to know we tried as best we could to conceive the old fashioned way. The NP also said that IVF is such a huge deal, and if there's any way to have a successful pregnancy without it, you should. So, we're going to ttc one last time before starting this journey. Worst case scenario, we have another miscarriage and put off the IVF for three (or so) months. Best case scenario we have a healthy baby in 9 months. Middle scenario, we start IVF next month.

So I guess we'll have one more 2ww. We're beginning our long road, but so far, I feel like things are going our way.


Hopeful Mother said...

I am hoping for your best-case scenario...! But it sounds like you are in good hands if you move forward on the IVF.

My fingers are crossed for you.

UtRus said...

no matter what happens, you're going forward. and that is good! hope things work the "regular" way, and if they don't, not to worry - IVF is a good plan. (works for lots of folks, i've been reading about lots of pregnancies lately :) may luck come your way!